Barbados Police Badge

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Barbados Police Badge
Language English
Date 1800
Creator of object Barbados Police Force
Size height: 1cm x length: 10.5cm x width: 8cm
Type 3D Object
License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
Format image/jpeg
Museum [Barbados Museum and Historical Society]
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The main Police Force of Barbados was established in 1835. The prefix Royal was added to the title of the Police Force in February 1966 due to a visit by the Queen. Since that time, Royal has remained as part of the name and identity of the force.The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), as established under the Police Act, of 1961, and the Constitution of Barbados is a part of the government responsible for local law enforcement. The RBPF is divided into three territorial divisions, the Operations Support Division, the Administrative Support Division and the Criminal Investigations Division. The organisation structure of the RBPF is modelled after London's Metropolitan Police Service.

In 1981, the RBPF became an full member of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol)