Botella 5

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[ES] Botella Huaco Rey de cara-gollete. Presenta labio adelgazado, gollete de paredes convergentes rectas, cuerpo esférico achatado horizontal, base pedestal, y fondo convexo. Tiene un asa cintada ubicada en la cara posterior, que une la mitad del gollete con el diámetro máximo del cuerpo. La superficie externa ha sido bruñida. El color no es uniforme debido a manchas de cocción.

[EN] A Huaco Rey bottle with a neck in the form of a face. It has, a neck of straight converging sides with a thin lip. It has also a horizontal flattened spherical body, and a pedestal base with a convex bottom. It has a belted handle located on the back face, which joins the half of the neck with the maximum diameter of the body. The outer surface has been burnished. The colour is not uniform across the surface and this is due to cooking and baking stains.

Botella 5
Creator of object Elaborado en la época Sican (750-1350 AD)
Publisher EULAC
Size 18.6cm x 18.6cm x 18.6cm
Type 3D Object
Format text/plain Alias/WaveFront Object
Country Peru
Museum Sicán Museum