Malacologico 2

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[ES] Posee 2 valvas o conchas gruesas, pesadas y piriformes de color anaranjado, presenta una superficie forma erizada de espinas de la misma tonalidad en su parte exterior, la cara interna es en mayor porcentaje blanquecina brillante con bordes anaranjado brillante.

[EN] This object has two valves (mollusc valves) or two thick and heavy shells which are pear-shaped (in the shape of pyriform). Their colour is orange. The object has also an outer surface bristling with thorns which have the same colour tone across the external part. The inner face is in greater percentage bright whitish with bright orange edges.

Malacologico 2
Creator of object Elaborado en la época Sican (750-1350 AD)
Publisher EULAC
Size 8.4cm x 8.4cm x 8.4cm
Type 3D Object
Format text/plain Alias/WaveFront Object
Country Peru
Museum Sicán Museum