Taino Zemi

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This small figurine is a Taino Zemi. A Pre-Columbian artefact from the Taino people who inhabited the Caribbean centuries before the arrival of the Europeans around 1492. They were wiped out by European colonialism. This figurine was an important aspect of their culture, representing their religious beliefs. The zemis were modelled after Taino deities and the Taino would communicate with them through the inhalation of a hallucinogenic substance called cohoba, which they placed on top of the figurine's small bowl above its head.

Taino Zemi
Language English
Date Pre-Columbian
Creator of object Kristin Watkins
Contact guestcurator@barbmuse.org.bb
Subject Archaeology
Author Kristin Watkins
Publisher EULAC
Size 43cm x 15.6cm x 16cm
Type 3D Object
License Creative Commons Public Domain (no conditions)
Format text/plain Alias/WaveFront Object
Country Barbados
Museum Barbados Museum and Historical Society